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Why Custom Built Furniture? Why JC Barger Inc.?

We all have a unique style and individual needs. Likewise, each piece of custom furniture we bring into our home should equally be unique in style and need, as to how it will function for us.

Whether it’s a beautiful entry piece, the “pretty face” that happily greets your company or an Artisan Kitchen, the “hard-working heart” of your home, all custom designed furniture and artisan cabinets are built with your matchless style and needs in mind.

I have to warn you, though, custom furniture can be addictive. But, not to fret…you don’t have to stop this addiction… in fact, we encourage it!

After all, we are constantly developing as individuals and so is our style…with that comes a request for change. For example, I recently got a puppy and quickly found that her doggy dishes & my entry table were fiercely competing for the same space. Therefore, a custom entry piece was built that brought tranquility to the space by coupling the table & dishes together…Perfect Solution!

My friends told me, “She’s a lucky dog, a table that holds her dishes…I have to hold my own.” Well let me tell you she’s not alone. One of our largest request for custom furniture are for tables that do just that. Yes, custom built dining tables are a popular request. Naturally this makes flawless sense to me since there’s absolutely nothing better than gathering around a bench-made custom dining table with great food, spirited drinks, ridiculous stories, close friends and treasured family. Honestly I believe that some of the best and lasting memories are made around the dining table.

But we’re not just talking about custom designed furniture that’s hand crafted using the finest methods of building & joinery. Did I mention the custom blended & hand rubbed finishes? These finishes bring your custom piece of furniture to full life. And as with any great character, the character in our finishes are carefully developed to create a depth of changing hues. Custom finishes are an excellent way to customize your furniture even more. For example, we are building a complete custom bedroom set exclusively designed for a client. She wanted an accent color…the result, a little blue custom writing desk that pairs perfectly with her pale blue sheets.

Well, that sounds lovely & charming, but isn’t it expensive to have custom furniture made? No doubt, you could order something standardized at less of a cost to you now, but eventually you will want to, if not need to, replace it. I understand for the most part this is typical of how it goes when we start out…we’re not so concerned with the quality so much as the quantity. This is why I often think of custom furniture as “grown-up” furniture. It’s like going from ramen noodles to steak & lobster. Like going from Zima to fine wine. The quality is simply better, the presentation far more enjoyable.

So whether you are starting with a blank canvas or are limited to an existing, awkward space…Custom Furniture hand-crafted by the finest artisans at JC Barger Inc. gives you options that are boundless, the possibility to transform any area into an appealing & useful space.

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How do I get started?

To get started with your custom project simply contact us any way you want: email, telephone or fax. Or submit a sketch, line drawing, picture, or an item from our portfolio via email or fax and we will reply to you with a price quote.

If price quotes are accepted we will finalize design, styles, details, dimensions and finishes – usually working this all out by way of email and fax, unless you’re local, in which case you can meet with us at our shop.

A 50% deposit is required to begin any custom project and is non-refundable, balances are due upon completion of your custom order.